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About Company

Levent Ceramics is a Manufacturer & Supplier of Ceramic Wall Tiles & is contributing towards rejuvenating lifestyles by adding a fresh look to the ambience of any place. Our company came into existence in the year 2011, and has now expanded globally through our unmatched creativity, pointed visualization and influential network.

We aim to create our company’s tag in the industry of Tiles with our quality products which are offered at pocket friendly prices. Another great factor behind our efficiency and reliability is the sincere guidance of CEO of our company, Mr. Bharat Bhai. He is a true visionary having 30 years of experience in Marketing.

The Brand

Our company is spread over 4 Acres of land. We make use of highly efficient machinery which is technologically upgraded from time to time.

Major machines used in our manufacturing unit include press, Killen, sizing machine and printing machine; having a fantastic production capacity of 7000 boxes. We make use of superior quality clay and chemicals as a raw material in the Ceramic Wall Tiles that we offer.

Levent is a business to business organisation, and our products are supplied via leading retailers and distributors. We are committed to providing all of our retail and distribution partners with a market-leading customer service across the India and worldwide.







Vision & Mission

More than just a Brand

To exceed the expectations of our customers by providing quality and innovative products and build a strong long term profitable relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

To make sure that each tile produced in our factory reflects individuality and beauty of natural stone, right down to subtle differences in tone, texture and grain.


Providing quality products is no longer considered as an USP. Today quality is a standard norm which every company has to follow. In a highly competitive market customers have the liberty to jump to your competitor's brand easily if they aren't satisfied with the quality you provide. Therefore, at Levent, compromising with quality is never tolerated. Even after 10 years of buying the product, our consumer should remember us for the quality we provided them.


What is new today will be out of fashion tomorrow. The companies which do not take this statement seriously will bite the dust soon. Constant innovation in every aspect of the business is the only way to survive. Not only in terms of design, one needs to innovate in the way products are made, innovate the current technology and make it better for future and also innovate the internal ways of working to be more productive. At Levent, constant innovation is what keeps us ahead of the clones in the market.


Design trends are changing with the ever-changing lifestyles. One needs to be in tune with the trends in the local as well as the international markets. Apart from this a lot needs to be invested in R&D. Sticking to old methods cannot yield you results. At Levent, we bring in the latest designs around the world and also invest heavily in R&D so that our consumers have the latest products first.