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Levent Ceramic is looking forward to enter into new geographical areas to increase its exports. We export the choicest of our products across the world and are renowned as the best tiles exporters from India.

Levent Ceramic has today become synonym of Quality, service and innovation not only in the domestic market but even in the international market. "Levent Ceramic" products are also well accepted in European market.

Levent Ceramic export many countries and we feel proud to serve with our unmatched quality products and unmatched art to satisfy the hunger of getting the best. The ethical business policies helps us in long term growth, it enhances our goodwill in the market.

It also ensures transparency in the system which leads to complete client satisfaction. We are accountable towards our patrons that helps us in gaining huge clientele.


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Pallet Chart

Tile Size Tile Thickness Tiles/box Sq.Mtr/box Boxes/Pallets Sq.Mts/Pallets Pallets/Container Boxes/Container Sq.Mts./Container
245x375 MM 8 MM 8 0.735 148 108.78 22 3256 2393.16
250x450 MM 8.5 MM 6 0.675 126 85.05 24 3024 2041.2
300x450 MM 8.5 MM 6 0.81 126 102.06 20 2520 2041.2

Packing Details

Normal Size 245x375 mm 250x450 mm 300x450 mm
Thickness in mm 8 8.5 8.5
Tiles per Box(pcs.) 8 6 6
Area Coverage Per Box(Sq.Mtr) 0.735 0.675 0.81
Weight Per Box(kgs) 9 9.5 11.5

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